570 East 21st Street through 919 and 925 Ocean Avenue- No Variance Renewal for Non-Residential Uses!

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Date: Tuesday, April 7 2020

Location: Via ZOOM.Time: 10:00a.m.

Protect the Residential Character of our Ditmas Park/Flatbush/Kensington Neighborhood! No Variance for Non-Residential Uses!

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At the BSA hearing in October 2019, the Chair cited over 80 letters from you the neighbors and public in opposition, good work! She also expressed great skepticism about the intentions behind this project.  She went over the long history and opposition from the community since before 2015 and the position that this was to be in essence a 24-7 medical care facility, not a school, and so was not appropriate for this residential location or for the BSA variance process. In the end, she said the owner "better get his act together."  They did not renew the variance!

Unfortunately, after more than four years of inaction, financial dealings and over $37 million in mortgages on the property under a variety of different names, and medical waste and other debris visible on site, rather than rejecting the renewal outright the BSA is giving the owner another almost four months. So we need to be ready! April 7 they are getting another Adjournment. The Variance expired almost a year ago! No More Adjournments!

Video from BSA Hearing October 29, 2020 is HERE.

Testimony from the BSA Hearing October 29, 2020 is HERE.

Stop the non-residential development on 570 East 21st Street going through to 919 and 925 Ocean Avenue with space for 40 parking spaces.

Despite widespread local community opposition to a non-residential use in a R1-2 and R7A  zoned neighborhood, the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals approved a variance to build a non-residential use at this three parcel site.

The variance that was approved expired in July of 2019. Now it seems the old approved entity is out of the picture, a lease is signed with another LLC and they are trying to just renew the variance.

The Owner and use and other aspects are different from 2015 when the variance should not have been issued.

We have to protect the residential character of our neighborhood. 

Every commercial or other variance undermines the quality and character of our residential zoning. 

Sign the petition to oppose the extension of BSA Variance 570 East 21st Street, between Dorchester Road and Ditmas Avenue, Block 5184, Lots 39, 62 & 66, BSA# 343-12-BZ.

1   Sign the Petition HERE.

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2   Send an email to city and elected officials by clicking HERE

In 2019 there were two public hearings, thank you to all who attended!
(October 28 at the CB14 District Office and October 29 at NYC Board of Standards and Appeals)

Save the Date.

The next Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled for February 4, 2020. 

1   Sign the Petition HERE.

2   Send an email to city and elected officials by clicking HERE