Rally March 2 NO LUXURY UPZONING of Cortelyou Road

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Stop the Upzoning of 1620 Cortelyou Road

Eugene wants to be Brooklyn Borough President.

 NOTE-Public Testimony starts at 2:15:24

Hearing Was January 26th. 

Last Chance to speak up against this pandemic real estate grab that would decimate Cortelyou Road. Background info here.

The NYC Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises will hold a Public Hearing on January 26th (time TBD) about the proposed dramatic upzoning of the street-facing block of Cortelyou Road between east 16th and 17th Streets.
Here is a direct link to register to speak. Sign up and check the "Oppose" box even if you are not sure if you can make it. 

Talking Points of January 26 hearing, use some or all or add your own.

Council Member Mathieu Eugene tell your colleagues to Vote No on the Proposed Upzoning of Cortelyou Road.

This proposal is not just for one address (1620 Cortelyou Road), it is for an entire block facing Cortelyou Road and the overall clear and predictable impacts have not been evaluated.

This is a spot upzoning for a property that was already upzoned as part of the 2009 Flatbush Rezoning after hundreds of hours of community input, this would ignore and eviscerate all of that comprehensive planning.

The owner-developer can build a sizable property here already, the proposed upzoning would nearly double the allowable size.

Upzoning without any parallel landmark protections will only accelerate the wave of demolitions and displacement that is changing the socio-economic character of the neighborhood.

The provision of the bare legal minimum of "affordable" units with a mix that will not serve families is inadequate when other recent developments have been 100% affordable at local levels and with larger sized apartments show what is possible with real leadership and collaboration.

To move forward with what is essentially a real estate grab during a pandemic when people do not have their full time and attention to direct to participating in the limited remote capacity violates the expectations and public input process at the root of any democratic land-use decisions. Wait until the public can meet safely.

Council Member Mathieu Eugene tell your colleagues to Vote No on the Proposed Upzoning of Cortelyou Road.
Send an email to Officials to Save Cortelyou Road.
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