Email Action: No Luxury Upzoning of 1620 Cortelyou Road

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Stop the Upzoning of 1620 Cortelyou Road

Demolitions and development are changing the character of our neighborhood without really addressing affordability or the need to more services and infrastructure.

They want to build 45 feet taller which is 64% higher than allowed and an 87% larger building overall (FAR 3.0 to 5.6) than allowed --that is almost double the size of an allowable building!

This site was part of a comprehensive rezoning process in 2009 and was rezoned from R6 to R6A which allowed more residential FAR, hence it was an upzoning then. And a portion of the lots are in an Inclusionary Housing zone. Besides, the developer can already build a sizable building here and include all the "affordable" units they want if they so choose regardless of Zoning, affordable units are allowed. They do not need an upzoning to make millions to create residential units.  Every upzoning undermines the existing zoning which allows for ample development already.  Downtown Brooklyn or upzoned Gowanus size and scale development is not appropriate here.

In addition, the site is potentially contaminated, as the environmental assessment shows, but there is not a comprehensive investigation into it, let alone an in-depth cleanup program proposed.

See the Environmental Assessment Form.
See the Lobbyist Retainer Agreements that are currently available.
See the City Planning Commission Certification package here.

In the end, it is really up to the local Council Member (where is he?) who has the power in ULURP.