Nov. 30 Hearing - Ocean Ave. & E.21st St.- No Variance Renewal for Non-Residential Uses!

 Public Hearing

Monday November 30, 2pm


Watch the Review Session on YouTube while you prepare to enter the Zoom Room or Dial in. Once you have successfully entered the Zoom Room or Dialed in, turn off YouTube. 
November 30, 2020 2:00 P.M. 


(You will be asked what item you are speaking on, it is  343-12-BZ)
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Talking points:

(Introduce yourself as a local resident etc)

I oppose the variance renewal application for 570 East 21st Street

At the time that your agency approved the renewal, the so-called school did not have a Charter

The applicant is different than the school

The so-called school has no students, no money and no teachers

The residential neighborhood should not have any more 100% commercial buildings in it

Deny this renewal application

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Next Public Hearing

Monday November 30

At 2pm watch the BSA hearing live on their YouTube channel. Click HERE.


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Agenda item 343‐12‐BZ 570 East 21st Street, BK.

Thank you for your support. and remember to send any written statements, however brief to 

Subject Line: OPPOSE BSA-Cal No. 343-12-BZ

Protect the Residential Character of our Ditmas Park/Flatbush Neighborhood! No Variance for Non-Residential Uses!

1   Send an email to city and elected officials with one click HERE

It is important they hear from you and your friends. 

2   Sign the Petition HERE.

This is how you can stay updated.

At the BSA hearing in October 2019, the Chair cited over 80 letters from you the neighbors and public in opposition, good work! She also expressed great skepticism about the intentions behind this project.  She went over the long history and opposition from the community since before 2015. In the end, she said the owner "better get his act together."   Fast forward to the papers they submitted for August and November 2020 and they do not seem to have their act together.

*This was never a school. They had once obtained a "Provisional Charter", but that expired in September of 2014.

*According to the Applicants own most recent papers they have no money for a school, although the property is encumbered with a $35 million loan
*According to the Applicants own papers they have no students

*According to the Applicants own papers they have no teachers

*According to the Applicants own papers the so-called school does not even own the property

*The Applicant was way too hasty and applied for a variance before having any semblance of a track record or the essentials of a real school

* The Applicant has presented evidence of a Board of Regents Provisional Charter that was expired at the time of the original Board of Standards and Appeals (wrongful) approval in 2015.

*The Applicant of the record is Ocean Ave Education Support, Inc, which is not a school and claims to have a Contract Vendee relationship with the "school"

*After five years the neighborhood and environmental conditions have changed dramatically since this was approved and the negative impacts of this facility need to be updated re-examined

*The health and well-being of the supposed students at the so-called school and residential community playing host to a medical facility purporting to be school in the middle of the Covid pandemic but be examined far more closely and the circumstances have changed so significantly that an extension is not warranted

Video from BSA Hearing October 29, 2020 is HERE.

Testimony from the BSA Hearing October 29, 2020 is HERE.

Protect the residential character of our neighborhood. 

Every commercial or other variance undermines the quality and character of our residential zoning. 

No More Upzonings, No More Variances.