Respect Brooklyn Research Exposes Plan to Demolish & Upzone a Rent Stabilized Building that had a fire years ago-Tenants Still Displaced

"Respect Brooklyn, a community group, noticed Kings & Queens Holdings had spent a total of $18,115.50 since 2017 on lobbying city agencies, and issued a statement accusing the firm of paying “lobbyists who make more in an hour than what displaced tenants pay for one month’s rent.”

See AMNY Exclusive article here that underscores our pro-tenant research.

Owner of mismanaged fire struck Brooklyn Building now seeks to demolish home of rent stabilized tenants

Seeks an Upzoning after mismanaging property

Statement by Respect Brooklyn:

"It is unconscionable that the city would even entertain the demolition of a mismanaged building and reward a landlord with an upzoning that has refused for years to make long-term rent stabilized tenant's home whole again.  Rather than spend money on lobbyists who make more in an hour than what displaced tenants pay for one month's rent, Kings and Queens Holdings, LLC and Joshua Eisenberg should be spending to fix the building so the partial vacate order can be removed and all tenants rightfully returned." Jessica Flagg of Respect Brooklyn said.

Community Group Respect Brooklyn discovered the behind the scenes dealing with HPD after a search of the city's lobbying database showed high powered law firm GreenbergTraurig's involvement, at a rate of up to $1,200 a hour.